See how to act with air conditioning oil and gas

Few people know, but the car's air conditioning system also has oil. But calm, unlike the lubricants of the engine, gearbox and power steering, it has no expiration date per mileage. It will only be replaced in the event of system malfunctions. To get additional details, view here: Refrigerant Oil You Should Add AC Compressor

The same goes for gas. Don't get into this conversation because the gas gets old. The two, therefore, will only be exchanged in the event of a problem.

The function of the air conditioning oil is to lubricate the pistons and valves of the air compressor. It is a watertight system that practically does not wear out if everything is correctly with the vehicle.

There is also no dipstick to check the level. The lubricant will only be changed if the car suffers a collision in which it hits the parts of the air assembly or if there is a leak in the sealing rings or rubbers.

The same tips apply to gas. You may have heard of changing or replacing air conditioning gas when it is not freezing. This is all a myth.

“The gas doesn't get old, it doesn't get tired, it doesn't get addicted. There is no such thing as completing the gas, ”says Ernesto Miyazaki, owner of Arcon and a member of the Air Conditioning Chamber of the São Paulo Mechanics Union (Sindirepa).

There are great similarities between the car's gas system and domestic refrigerators. However, in refrigerators the tubes are all made of rigid metals. In automobiles there are flexible systems due to the movements that the car makes.

And it is these moving parts that can wear out over time, allowing leakage. If there was a need to add more gas, however, it is necessary to follow exactly the pressure levels recommended by the manufacturer. If you are around, do not let the technician put gas in the guess. He needs specific meters.

In the event of an oil or gas leak, you will notice a loss of air efficiency, notes Ernesto. "The driver will easily notice the heavy air, will feel a stuffy feeling," adds the expert. Another way to try to see oil leaks is to lift the hood and try to find the air compressor. Generally, the air lubricant has a reagent that turns it greenish.

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